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Our visit to Tupelo, Mississippi

Tupelo was a pleasant surprise for us. I had recalled the name of Tupelo, mostly from an old Richard Pryor comedy routine which I’d heard thirty years ago. In the routine, he does his  “Mudbone” character and it went something like this: “I was born in Tupelo, you know where that is? No? Well, it’s just below “Onepelo””.  Oh well, who can explain the things that stick in your memory…LOL. Drumroll, I’d like to announce that Stephanie, my lifelong co-pilot has decided to write a bit of review of our travels.  So without further ado,  below is her write-up from our visit to Tupelo. ( And here is a link, if you prefer) […]

Campground at Barnes Crossing, Tupelo, MS

About midway north, on the Natchez Trace Parkway, we booked a few nights at the Campground at Barnes Crossing.  We had emailed them via the contact info on their site and had received a call back confirming site availability. They booked the site, without a credit card, which I thought was different. We arrived at about 1500hrs on a Wednesday and we were greeted by the host and his dog. He had our reservation and informed us they only have discounts for “Good Sam”, which I refuse to join, and military which we received. He also informed us that they only accept cash and or a check, which explained the […]

Jeff Busby Park (MP 193)

The Jeff Busby Park is a very nice area at Mile Post 193 of the Natchez Trace. And I had chosen the camping area at the Jeff Busby Park as the first place for Stephanie and me to experience our first boondocking stay.  We really enjoyed our first TV free overnight, and realized our eight, four-year-old, Trojan 6V AGM coach batteries are probably not in great condition and we should replace them when the opportunity presents itself. Their poor performance caused us to run the generator a bit more than we’d planned, but all-in-all no major issues. We intentionally arrived early afternoon, as the sites are first-come-first-serve, and we assumed some of […]

Leake County Water Park Campground ~ Lena, MS (Trace MP40 to MP120)

We departed the Grand Gulf Military Park on the morning of Cinco De Mayo continuing our journey up the Natchez Trace Parkway, stopping at a couple of the many historic or scenic locations along the Trace.  Near Mile Post (MP) 42 we stopped at a Historic site called Sunken Trace.   Next stop near MP 55, was a larger historic site called Rocky Springs. It was another once upon a time vibrant town that was no more. Not unlike the town of Grand Gulf, the now vanished town of Rocky Springs suffered a similar fate. The combination of a Civil War, followed by a yellow fever outbreak, then the boll weevil destruction […]

Grand Gulf Military Park Campground

We left Natchez on the Natchez Trace Parkway, heading north. We decided to visit the Grand Gulf Military Park, which has a very nice campground on the park premises. The town of Grand Gulf was a vital and active port on the Mississippi, the town slowly disappeared after the Battle of Grand Gulf, the yellow fever outbreak and the when the Mississippi river changing course, all lead to its demise. We arrived just as a storm was approaching and the operations manager met us in the driveway and said, just go find a site you like and come register when you can. He suggested the lower section as it would […]

Shields Park FAM Campground – Gulfport, Mississippi

After Pensacola, we continued west to the Shields Park FAM Campground in Gulfport, Mississippi. We arrived 24 April and departed on the 1st of May. I’d not realized that such a large military installation existed in Gulfport. This installation is the home of the Navy SeaBees, it has a decent size Base Exchange and Commissary. They have two sections to their campground, the original section which is just inside the Pass Road Gate. The other recently opened section, with all back-in sites, is at the opposite end of the base a few miles away. We stayed in the older section in a pull-thru 50amp full hookup site.   We enjoyed our stay, there is […]