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Aviation Arbor -NAS Joint Reserve Base, Belle Chasse, LA

Office Building

We spent 7 days at Aviation Arbor in April 2018. The cost was $18@night for a 50A FHU site with free Navy gowifi.  Reservations were done on-line and were easy enough to do. Since we were arriving on a Sunday the staff called us the Friday before to provide our site and security code information.  There are no on-site hosts. 

To get to the park, arriving from the east on I-10, we had to go into the southern outskirts of New Orleans and south through an old (built in 1954), rather small looking, 13.5’ tall tunnel – the BELLE CHASSE TUNNEL. We fit, BTW! – we are 12’ 10.5” tall, so we had about 6″ to spare, it just looked rather cramped. To enter base, you should use the front gate off of Louisiana route 23 south, the base entrance will be on your right, from there, it was easy to get to the RV Park, just ask the gate guard.

Our site #39

It is a very nice, well maintained, quiet, FamCamp. There are actually 2 separate camping areas on base.  The first one you’ll see to the left when you arrive, is for long-term guests and I believe it’s residents are mostly a combination of active-duty military, contractors and DOD civilian employees. It has full hookups and is a crushed stone area without concrete pads.  The second camping area, just past the first, where we stayed, is split into two sections, front and rear of the office and facilities, with a total of 45 sites. The rear section had been closed for about a month, after a 5th wheel fire.

Rear section which is under-going electrical repairs.

They are basically replacing the electrical system. No word on when it will be completed. Sites within both sections have a concrete pad, a two-seater concrete picnic table, a grassy area and 50/30A full hook-ups.

The FamCamp office is open 0830-1630hrs everyday except Sunday. The office receives UPS and Fedex delivery, however, USPS mail is delivered to the official mailroom on the other side of base. It took us awhile to track down our USPS mail deliveries, matter-of-fact we were unable to even find a USPS curbside mailbox on base.  Even one of our FEDEX Amazon packages was misdelivered to an aviation parts warehouse on base, because the FEDEX guy seen the word “aviation” in address. LOL Eventually we were able to collect all of our parcels by week’s end.

Laundry Shower Facilities

There is a shower area and coin-operated laundry room, which were well kept and entrance is controlled by entering a security code which is provided at the office when you check-in. There is also an outside ping-pong table and pool table. Base security was excellent, during our stay we often seen the Security Police making rounds through the park. The base has a very nice BX and Commissary within walking distance of the park.

There is a lot to do in New Orleans, Stephanie and a new found friend Sheryl, spent a day visiting two plantations; the San Francisco and the Laura.

 Both were interesting, although the San Francisco presentation was more enjoyable. They were about a 90 minute drive from Aviation Arbor.

We took the $4 round-trip pedestrian only ferry ride to the French Quarter. The ferry ride was nice, it took about 30 minutes to get to the ferry from the park. Also while in the downtown area we visited the WWII Museum and the Pharmacy Museum. The WWII museum cost for retired military was about $18ea and it was  excellent. The Pharmacy museum, was barely worth the $5ea admission. 

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