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Sea Rim Texas State Campground ~ Sabine Pass, TX

We stayed at Sea Rim State Park along the eastern Texas Gulf Coast for 3 days in May 2018; total cost was $60.00.  The sites offer 30/50

Our site

amp and water and a paved parking area, a bit of a grassy area with a picnic table and a pole that you can hang things on.  There is a dump station across the road, near the campground. They have small buildings with pit toilets, however, no showers or laundry facilities.  You can camp in tents or any type of RV and pets are allowed. They do not have USPS mail delivery or pick-up. The signage to the park was good and there were no low overpasses to worry about.  We were able to receive satellite signal and had no difficulty with cell phone coverage. There were no storm shelters available and no lifeguards on the beach. 

This is a Texas State Park right on the Gulf of Mexico.  It is very remote, clean and very beautiful. Some of the park staff are park police officers and they seemed to be very helpful and very friendly.  As we drove to the park, we drove past many miles of oil refineries, it was an amazing sight.

RV Camping area

Once you get to the park, you must check in at the Headquarters Building which is at the park entrance, they let you know what sites are available, then you are able to go pick out the site that you want.  We picked out a site that we could see the Gulf of Mexico and we also had a small area of water and marsh a few feet from our door. I was really worried about the mosquitos but the entire time we were there the wind was blowing, so the mosquitos weren’t really a problem.  They allow you to park and camp on the beach, which is dry camping. However, recent hurricanes have washed out the primary beach access road and currently there is no road large enough to support a large rig. 

There are many fascinating things to see in this park.  There is walking pier that takes you through a huge marsh.  Along this pier, you can see many species of birds, crabs, snakes, different plants and alligators. There are signs that tell you you that you could see raccoons, coyotes, wolfs, river otters,  Bobcats, rats and wild boar.

There is a very nice boardwalk that takes you across the marsh to the main beach area right on the coast. On this  beach you can sunbathe,

Stephanie taking a walk on the beach.

drive your four wheel vehicle on, pitch a tent, fish or hunt for seashells. The first day that we took a walk on the beech, we met two young ladies, they told us that they just saw a young alligator come onto the beach, walked over to and went into the Gulf of Mexico and swam away. We thought they had to be mistaken so we asked the park police and they told us that because the animals live in the swampy areas, they occasionally will go into the gulf to clean their bodies of the crud from the swamps. On other walks we saw a small alligator and a small water moccasin laying on the beach.  

A Water Moccasin – AKA Cotton-Mouth, that we found on the beach

In the swampy area right outside of our coach,  I spent a lot of time watching a small approximately 2 foot long alligator.    He was small enough not to be a threat but large enough that I could watch him if he was close enough or use my binoculars to see him if he was further away in his pond.  He wasn’t large enough to catch the birds who stood directly in front of him or the snakes that lay in front of him but I did get to watch him practice stalking and waiting

Our resident alligator.

for them.  I got to see him leap out of the mud to catch small fish and then roll around once he caught them, he kept me entertained for hours.

Cell reception on our Verizon & AT&T hotspots and Google Fi phones was adequate. We enjoyed our stay and we’d return.

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