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Our Winter – Golf, cleaning tanks and other fun…

I realize that I am a bit behind on our posts, so let me hit the highlights.

We remained parked at Torrey Oaks RV Resort and participating in the full set of activities it affords. Stephanie has been extremely engaged in the day-to-day activities. She has been going to the daily workouts at the Fitness Center, Yoga, Walking, Water Aerobics & Line Dancing classes while also participating in the weekly Warm up America and the local Sewing/Quilting for Charity group and golf classes.

One of the highlights of our time here at Torrey Oaks has been some golfing. Stephanie has never held a golf club before and has started out very nicely. Stephanie on the links. We enjoyed our golfing time, but we need to really play more.

We also spent time doing a bit of maintenance on our motorhome.  We had been rather religious about how we use and empty our gray and black tanks. However, we were uncertain how the previous owners maintained them. I was also not satisfied with the black and gray valve assemblies, which occasionally leaked as did the hose connection. Our coach came with a Thetford macerator pump and it has many benefits. However, my suspicion was that it slowed the flow from the tanks so much so, that the tanks had developed a layer of “crud” on the bottom and caused some odor and other problems. So my original goal was to refurbish the pump, replace the valves and have the gray and black tanks pressure cleaned. However,  while researching my cleaning options I learned a couple things. One, perhaps a different hose assembly might be a better solution to always using the pump. And two, leaving the gray tank open when connected might not be a good idea.

I decided to have both tanks pressure washed. After a bit of Googling, I found supposedly the only service east of the Rockies, a small business called Healthy Tanks near Titusville, Florida.

Worthwhile procedure.

They didn’t respond to my emails so I called them. Set up and appointment and the technician showed up on time, did a fantastic job and two other RV decided to have their units cleaned while he was there.

How the magic happens

It was $225 well spent in my opinion. Next, dealing with the valves and pump.

After some thought and further research, I decided to convert the typical RV hose to this cam & groove hose system from LIPPERT. We also bought the 20′ extension and the adaptor which allows us to connect back to our style connection if we needed to be pumped out by a honey wagon. It was a simple install, and I replaced the two valve assemblies while I had everything pulled apart. Here is an image of the new valves and the new style hose connected. I also ordered a 3″ cam and groove cap for the end of the hose assembly and another piece to plug the waste output connection. Although a rather expensive upgrade, we are extremely happy with the results. It is a very clean setup with not a drop of liquid escaping.  It collapses into a 4-foot hose with the valve end and easily stores in my wet bay.  I redesigned the macerator pump to connect with a shorter hose to the cam & groove system and we now carry it along for those situations when we might need to pump our tanks.

We certainly enjoyed our time at Torrey Oaks this past winter and expect to return!

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