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One more piece of glass, Ike’s new windshield…

After a series of unusual events and errors involving our Magne Shade sunscreens, Ike’s windshield cracked down the driver’s side and needed to be replaced. The cracked developed on our journey south last November, however, we decided to wait till we were about to head out of Torrey Oaks to have the work completed, and we combined the trip with our tire replacement. Like most things involving motorhome repairs, you get a multitude of opinions on which dealers you should use and why, most of which turns out to be outdated or hearsay.  We had received our check from the insurance company for the replacement of windshield, now we needed to find a reputable installer. I started researching south central RV Glass dealers. I had received a very strong recommendation from a fellow American Coach owner and blogger who has had 4 windshields replaced, he recommended LazyDays in Seffner, primarily because of the Glass Shop Service Manager, Richard Rainey. He has established himself as an experienced expert in motorhome windshield replacements. Unfortunately, I have a real dislike for the LazyDays establishment, however, based on the recommendation, I called LazyDays to request a quote and arrange for an installation. After the usual LazyDays telephone nightmare, I spoke to a real person, I asked to speak to Mr. Rainey and was informed that he no longer worked at LazyDays, and they connected me to the Cabinet Shop Manager, Ken Griffin, who had apparently assumed the Glass Shop management duties after Mr. Rainey’s departure. Ken quoted me a competitive price ($1871.12), which is very unusual for LazyDays. So I scheduled the install, as the earliest appointment was about 5 weeks out.

I then set out to see if I could locate Richard Rainey. After some Googling, I found him. He had gone to work for one of the primary suppliers of motorhome glass, a company called Coach Glass.  Coach Glass has a major warehouse full of windshields in Lakeland Fl.

A small portion of the Coach Glass warehoused windshields

Richard had recently started an installation service in Florida for Coach Glass that is marketed nationally as RV Glass Experts.  Richard runs that Florida location with his right-hand man Corey. After a few confusing interactions with RV Glass Experts’ salesman, I finally spoke with Richard directly and felt his team was the better solution for our windshield replacement. RV Glass Experts also guarantees to beat any competitors price so after some discussion they reduced their first quote to $1584.00 out the door. I then canceled my appointment at LazyDays and scheduled our installation with Richard.

We arrived late on a Tuesday afternoon, they showed us where to park and provided us with a 50amp connection and water. They began working on Ike late Wednesday morning. We stayed in the coach during the complete installation process.

The warehouse rear parking lot where they perform the installations. Construction of a new dedicated facility is to begin soon.


Corey working on removing the old windshield


Our new windshield awaiting installation.


Windshield removed, awaiting install.


Wrapping up.

Richard and Corey did a great job, they took their time and made certain everything was put back exactly as they found it and for a fantastic price. We are very pleased with our new windshield and we would highly recommend Richard and Corey if you are near Lakeland Florida and need a new windshield.


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