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Panama City and Tyndall AFB

We arrived at Raptor Ranch Fam Camp on Tyndall AFB, Sunday afternoon and left 8 days later on Monday. It was our first visit to the area. the campground is easily accessed directly off of Florida RT98. You do not need to go through any security gate, you just drive into the park entrance, the registration office is immediately on your left.


We had reservation and the campground was almost full, while we were there they had units in the overflow area a couple times. Our site (#45) was right next to the Recreation Hall. The site concrete pads in most of the sites are short. This causes a problem for a longer rig, like Ike, if the area forward of the pad is lower than the pad. That was the case on our site. It took a bit of maneuvering and blocking but we made it work.

Our site

The campground has an older section to the rear of the office and a newer more spacious sites toward the water.

Waterfront near site 10
Waterfront swing

Site near water in newer section The campground had a nature trail and we decided to hike it. It takes you around the backside perimeter with some highlights along the way. It was worth the walk.

Stephanie on the trail

We liked our stay at Tyndall, the occasional F-22 Raptor was entertaining and we learned you could go down near the flight line and watch them land and take-off. We tried twice, each time we drove over the end of the runway, they would inexplicably stop, oh well, maybe next time. The base had an adequate Exchange and Commissary about 2 miles away which required you to go onto the base.

While there we visited the downtown historic district of Panama City and took the self-guided walking tour. It was unremarkable.

We also decided to visit the Bear Creek Feline Center, you can read about our visit here.

Next Stop Pensacola!

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