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National Naval Aviation Museum

We can’t say enough good things about this museum, it has an IMAX theater (fee for viewing the movies in the IMAX), free guided tours, you can touch and explore most of the displayed aircraft and admission is free  We spent the better part of two full days visiting the many exhibits and buildings housing an incredible array of Naval Aircraft and we still didn’t see everything.

A previous flight of Blue Angel aircraft.


President George H.W. Bush’s trainer aircraft. (Note the “41”).


View from the upper level in the main building.


Another view from the upper level.


A recently restored Mitchell B-25 bomber.


Cruise-plaques abound inside the CUBI POINT Cafe. We had lunch there twice. They relocated the furnishings from Cubi Point in the Philippines, after its closure.


Aircraft in the rear building.


Both days we were at the museum the Blue Angels performed at 1100hrs.

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