Pensacola Lighthouse and Fort Barrancas

Near the National Naval Aviation Museum is the Pensacola Lighthouse and around the corner is Fort Barrancas. We visited these both on the same day. The lighthouse charges an admission as does Fort Barrancas. The lighthouse was interesting and the lighthouse keepers home and the lighthouse itself were open to visit.

Some images from the Lighthouse:
View through the Fresnel Lens.


View from the entrance


View from the Lighthouse

We then went to Fort Barrancas which is situated and visible from the roadway.

View of the oldest portion of the fort.
Stephanie taking aim over the wall.
Looking down the massive brick-laden hallways of the newer portion of the fort.

If you wish to view all of our photos from the Lighthouse and Fort Barrancas click here to go to our Google Photos Album.

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