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Grand Gulf Military Park Campground

We left Natchez on the Natchez Trace Parkway, heading north. We decided to visit the Grand Gulf Military Park, which has a very nice campground on the park premises. The town of Grand Gulf was a vital and active port on the Mississippi, the town slowly disappeared after the Battle of Grand Gulf, the yellow fever outbreak and the when the Mississippi river changing course, all lead to its demise.

We arrived just as a storm was approaching and the operations manager met us in the driveway and said, just go find a site you like and come register when you can. He suggested the lower section as it would provide some shelter from the upcoming storm. So we motored over to the lower section and found a nice site.

Our site on the lower section.


Looking down our street…

The park it rather remote, however, we were able to snag Verizon 4GLTE at about 3.5mb, and our site gave us a clear view of the SW sky, so we were able to receive our Dish Satelite service.

While there we visited the park’s museum and other displays, the admission to everything was included in the $25 daily 50amp full hookup fee.

An ambulance wagon from the civil war era.


Moonshiner Model T – Submarine.

Even with the stormy weather, we had during our short stay (3-5 May, 2017), this park was a real gem, beautiful location, quiet, affordable, clean and friendly.

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