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Laura Ingalls Wilder Campground & Museum

As we worked our way northwestward, we decided that a stop at the Laura Ingalls Wilder Campground which is just across the road from the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Home & Museum. Stephanie has always been a tremendous fan of the Little House on the Prarie TV show, so it seemed like we should visit Laura’s home and museum in Mansfield, Missouri.

The campground is on a hillside and has been there for a few years.  It is managed by a family that has owned the campground for a few years. They are very laid back and couldn’t have been more gracious with their time. They have been making improvements and our site worked out fine for us. Because of the trees, we could not receive satellite TV, otherwise, it was great. We had Verizon cell service and AT&T. We paid $30 a night for full hook-ups.

So the next day we visited the museum and two of homes that the Wilder family lived in while in Mansfield.

A new museum has been recently constructed, replacing a smaller one adjacent to the Wilder house, it has a complete collection of the Wilder memorabilia. Laura spent most of her adult life in this area. One of the most interesting things we learned about Laura’s writing career was that she didn’t start to write until she was 65 years old. Her first book was released in 1932 and her last was released in 1943. Eight “Little House” book in total.

A $14 per person admission fee

includes admission to the museum and the two homes. There is the original home that was constructed over many years by Laura’s husband Almanzo and another home that Laura’s daughter Rose, had built for them, in its day it was a new modern home with central heat and electric lighting, it referred to as the Rock House, it was all part of the $14 tour.

There was a guided tour of the original homestead, however, no pictures were allowed. The rear entrance is shown below.

The Wilders are buried in Mansfield and we visited their graves.

We enjoyed our day exploring the “rest of the Laura Ingalls Wilder” story. Glad we took the time.



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