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A Stop at Magne Shade for a Magnet Tune-up

We’ve had our Magne-Shade shades for a little over a year. They make a significant difference in the amount of solar heat within the front of our coach, even tho we had the interior shades. Additionally,  I like the ease that they are placed onto the windows. We have the windshield shade, the driver’s side window shade. However, since installing them I’d struggle with the magnets becoming unstuck from the glass. In particular the large upper corner magnets on the windshield. Therefore, I’d made an appointment with Roger at Magne Shade to see if he could rectify the problem.

Magne Shade

Roger and his assistant worked on the magnets for a few hours. We thought the problem was corrected. However, it eventually created an entirely new problem… more on that at a later date.

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