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A quick day trip to Branson, Missouri

We’ve known a lot of people who’ve been to Branson Missouri, however, we’ve never been. And since Mansfield is only about 40 minutes from Branson, we decided to make a one-day trip to see what it was all about. After a bit of Googling, we decided to visit the Titanic Museum, have lunch and then see Sight & Sound production of MOSES.

Titanic Museum

The Titanic museum was very interesting and we certainly learned a great deal about the history of this fateful ship.


After our visit to the Titanic, we decided to have some lunch. We’d heard good things about the restaurant operated by the College of the Ozarks. So we headed south to the campus. The first thing that caught my eye was the HARD WORK U banners, clever, at least I thought so LOL.

Hard Work U Banner

They operate several business enterprises and agricultural concerns at the campus, and the students work and learn within those establishments.

The restaurant had about a 40-minute wait for lunch, so we spent some time visiting the gift shops and veteran’s display. after about 30 minutes we were seated. We enjoyed an excellent meal and the service was prompt, cheerful and professional. We wish we would have had more time to explore the campus but we had to make our showing of MOSES.

Entrance to SIGHT & SOUND

So we headed north to the Sight & Sound Theater. This was our first visit to a Sight & Sound production and we were not disappointed.

In the Lobby

It was very entertaining and the inclusion of the live animals and special effects certainly added to the spectacle.  It was $45 each for our tickets, we had good seats and it was worth the money IMO.

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