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Forbes LOA at Lake of the OZARK near Edwards, MO

We arrived at the FORBES Landowners Association (LOA) campground just before Memorial Day. We didn’t realize till after we arrived, that this campground was very remote. As least more remote than we were accustomed to. This campground is available to any of the landowners within FORBES LOA. It has 30amp power, water, restrooms, showers, tennis and basketball courts and a dump station. They have recently begun charging $5 a day, you pay in advance at the LOA office which is about 6 miles from the campground.

Site #1
Site #11

We arrived just as the Memorial Day crowd was gathering filling the campground for a couple days. After the Memorial Day weekend, everyone departed and we found ourselves all alone for the remainder of our stay. The campground has only 11 sites and most are heavily tree covered. We were on site #1 the first few days,  we then relocated to site #11 so that we could receive Dish TV satellite service.

We read the bulletin board and notices as there is no camp host. The ladies that work at the LOA office are not at all familiar with the campground, they have never seen it. The campground has flooded in the past, two campers had to be air lifted out by a police helicopter a couple years ago. The flooding concern is compounded by the fact that your normal alert sources are not available. No cell service, no telephone service, our weather radio bearly received a signal, and there is no TV or radio reception. This flood warning is posted at the entrance.

Flood Warning

The first Saturday we were there, the weather looked a bit threatening, so we decided to drive to a location where we had cell service and could check the local forecast. We drove to the Get A Bite store which is about 8 miles from the campground and closest retail establishment.

Get A Bite

Shortly after we arrived, the owner of the store stepped through the front door and announced: “A tornado is headed this way, everyone in the storm shelter now!”  So Stephanie and I proceeded to spend the next 45 minutes with our new friends in this unlit storm shelter.

Storm Shelter at the GET A BITE store

The tornado did miss us, however, a large tree went down on the road back to the campground so we explored a couple new roads on our way home.

So we enjoyed our 21 days of “mostly” disconnected camping.

However, we wish they had 50 amp service, and sewer at the sites and we had some concerns about the security of the campground. We were surprised that supposedly random residents of the FORBES properties would arrive at the campground and use the showers and drop off trash in the site trash cans. Very unsettling when late at night and you are the only person in the campground and vehicles arrive, park and people wander around. This practice should be reviewed by the management and gotten under control.



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