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Dakotah Meadows Campground, Prior Lake, MN

After our stay in Mason City, Iowa we continued north toward the Twin Cities. We planned on a week at the Dakotah Meadows Campground, however, when I called 8 weeks out, they were booked. However, a last minute call, a few days before, got us a reservation for a couple nights. This campground is part of the Dakotah Indian properties which also includes the Mystic Casino, stores, an RV wash and a diesel/gasoline station. We arrived just after noon and due to the on and off showers, as we were driving north, Ike was in need of a good cleaning. So I purchased $30 worth of tokens and decided to try out the RV Wash before we parked on our site.

Inside the wash…

The building was large enough for a 45′ motorhome, and they had some elevated walkways along some of the sidewalls. However, there was no way to wash the roof and the spray hoses and brushes were not long enough to reach all the entire coach.  It took $21 of the $30 worth of tokens. each token gave you 2 minutes. They refunded the unused tokens. I squeegeed the rinse water, and all-in-all it took me about an hour and the result was a fairly nice job.  I’d use it again.

Wash Exit

We took advantage of the diesel pump located adjacent to the RV Wash. and then proceeded to our site.

Our site

The next day we caught the shuttle from the casino to the Mall of America. I had been there about ten years ago, however, Stephanie had never been, so we spent the day wandering around the mall. We visited a rather large Microsoft Store, it had a few systems I’d never seen before.

Mall of America

It was an excellent campground, very clean and well maintained. There was a lot of things to see and do in the area, although we didn’t have enough time to do many of them. We enjoyed our stay in the area and we will return.

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