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Deparcq Woods Campground, Camp Ripley, Minnesota

We departed Dakotah Meadows and drove northwest to a National Guard Post just north of Little Falls, a 58,000-acre military reservation named Camp Ripley and more specifically the Deparcq Woods Campground. I’d never heard of Camp Ripley and we were surprised at how large the camp was and how active the airfield was while we were there. It was a very nice campground, we had cell service, 50A service, water and there was a dump station near the campground. They also provided free firewood.

The rules…

We arrived mid-afternoon and found the billeting office and registered. We were informed that the host was a fellow named Jim, and if we had any concerns he was the man to see. We drove to our site, met Jim and he helped direct us on the campground amenities and procedures. Unfortunately, the trees prevented us from receiving Dish Satellite service. Our site is pictured below:

Our site
View toward Deparcq Woods.

The campground has a recently built restroom and shower facility which looked clean and very well maintained.

Restrooms and showers

The Post has a small PX and a barber shop. It also has an excellent museum, which we visited and very much enjoyed.


For more images at the museum, and some video of a C-130 practicing touch and goes…click here. We enjoyed our stay and would definitely return.

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