Vermilion Falls ~ Buyck, Minnesota

The Vermilion Sunsets RV Park staff suggested we journey north to the Vermilion Falls, the staff said: “it’s just up the road.” So we turned north out the entrance and expected we would be at the falls shortly. So imagine our surprise when we drove about 5 miles and the paved road turn to dirt and Google Maps said we were about 40 minutes away. What we learned is that “just up the road” is much farther away when you live out in the boonies, opposed to folks that live in more urban areas… LOL.

It really was out in middle of nowhere, we did not see another person in the area when we were there. One interesting thing about the falls is that the Vermilion River flows north, which is unusual.

Stephanie & Tim above the falls.

Below is a video from the overlook above the falls.

The following is a video from the bottom of the falls:

It was a nice drive up to the falls and we very much enjoyed it. If you are in the area, it’s worth the trip.

The following embedded two-page PDF from the USDA provides a bit of official info about the Vermilion Falls:

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