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SnapPad Jack Pads ~ A better solution?

We have not enjoyed the process of collecting various wooden blocks to serve as “Jack Pads” for our 41,260-pound coach. We had various versions and we have explored the possibility of purchasing many different conventional plastic/rubber jack pads. While searching, I stumbled across a SnapPad advertisement about a year ago and I liked the idea of a one-time installation and no more crawling around on your hands and knees trying to align the jack pad to the jack. However, after researching I learned that they did not make their SnapPad product for our motorhome. Then in early July of this year, I saw their new Prime SnapPads advertised. After a couple emails with their customer service department (two great CS reps -Devon and Barb) to confirm that their new PRIME SnapPads would fit our Power Gear jack system, I ordered a set of four on 18 July 2017 via their website. I got lucky and stumbled across a FaceBook group buy, and our discounted price via the group buy was $169.99 delivered (FYI – they offer a Military discount). The SnapPad folks had informed me that the Prime SnapPads were back-ordered and they would work with me to assure that they shipped them to the correct campground when my order was ready to ship.

They were very responsive and the order was delivered as promised to our campground when they predicted, it arrived on 8 August 2017. We waited till our next move to install them. The following pictures provide some details about the SnapPads we received.

As received.
The Prime SnapPad is considerably larger than our metal jack pad.
On the SCALE
Just a tad over 9 pounds.
About 13 wide on the bottom.
2.75 inches tall.
About 12″ wide on the top

Installation was easy, as shown in the following video:

So after a month of use, how do we like them? So far we are extremely impressed with our SnapPads. We have used them on various surface types, from grass to dirt, gravel, and asphalt. And they have done a good job at preventing the jack from sinking into all the surfaces we have parked on.

And the BEST part of having them installed? – We don’t need to crawl around trying to align the pad with the jack and remember to collect them when we leave. Hooah!

UPDATE July 2019 – They are now available via AMAZON PRIME. Click here to view them on Amazon. After many months of full-time use we are still extremely happy with our SNAPPADS! Absolutely no problems.

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