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Lakehead Boat Basin Marina & Campground ~ Duluth, Minnesota

From our stay at Vermilion Sunsets campground, we headed to the big city of Duluth. Our friends from Minnesota, Jeanette and Ron, had recommended we visit Duluth and the Lakehead Boat Basin. It was a bit of a challenge to get reservations, and we had to jiggle our schedule around to get a few days reserved. We were glad we did. Lakehead Boat Basin is not your usual campground as it is in downtown Duluth on the water of the Duluth Harbor. You will need to cross the Duluth Aerial Bridge to arrive at the campground. We did not notice any directional signage for the campground, so you’ll need to study your maps to decide how you’d like to approach the side streets leading to the campground.

Our 50amp full hookup site.
Our 50amp full hookup site.

The campground sites are close together and on asphalt. And to add to the chaos, there was also an active hotel construction underway within the marina and they were actually firing the prime contractor while we were there so there was a constant parade of trucks and heavy equipment in and around the entrance. However, the campground was full the entire time we were there. Why? Because from the campground you can walk to many of the local tourist attractions, the convention center, and many unique shops, interesting restaurants and drinking establishments. While we were there we visited the Maritime Center, an Iron Ore Freighter, and a few great eateries.

View from the Maritime Center.

One of the best restaurants we visited was the Northern Waters Restaurant on Woodland Ave. Which we learned about from another excellent eatery, the Northern Waters Smokehouse near the campground owned and operated by the same owner.

Northern Waters Restaurant.

Both of these restaurants were outstanding and we’d go back to Duluth just to visit them, LOL.

Northern Waters Restaurant

Our visit to the Lakehead Boat Basin was fantastic, and we’d certainly return.

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