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Spartan Motors ~ Charlotte, Michigan

We arrived at Spartan about 9 AM on Thursday the 7th of September. Chris McChord and our assigned mechanic, Joe Bullen were waiting for us.


We’ve been to Spartan before and knew the procedure, they provide electric and water sites next door and they take your coach in for service and return it around 4 PM.

Our goal was to have an Exhaust Recall looked at, the coach weighed, the transmission serviced and their “Chassis Inspection” completed.

The recall was resolved without issue. They inspected our chassis, and then took us under the coach to show us the various things they had found and some advice on what to plan for going forward.

Joe found:

  1. the short links on my steering assemble had torn rubber and recommended replacement
  2. a small oil leak on a line going to the engine
  3. a small anti-freeze leak at the surge tank sight glass
  4. an air leak near the front axle

Joe suggested I consider the replacement of my crankcase coalescence filter (#CV50628), prepare to replace the bell crank steering assemble on one of next visits and he recommended we swap out our Bilstein shocks for the new Koni shocks.

99B 3234

We were reluctant to swap out our 3+-year-old Bilsteins, however, the expansion joints along the Michigan highways had been a bit jarring. So we decided to go ahead and take the plunge. We are extremely glad we did, the ride is drastically improved. $533 well spent in our opinion.

So we had the other items addressed as recommended. which resulted in a new antifreeze sight glass and sensor installed, a couple of airline quick disconnects replaced on our front airbags, tightening an oil line connector and two new tie rod short links installed. They also completed the 50K Allison transmission service (fluid and filter change) and weighed our coach.

Based on the weight – we made a slight change to our tire pressures.


Based on the published Continental Tire inflation pressure chart, we decided on:

85 psi in the rears

116 psi in the front

Joe completed all our work and returned our coach to us Friday afternoon. $2074.87 later we were all set to depart for Wright Patterson AFB on Saturday morning.


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