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Through the fog…

During the two years we’ve owned IKE, slowly but surely, many of our windows have developed condensation between the dual panes of glass. We did some research, considered replacing or repairing them. Found two places east of the Mississippi, namely Dr. Fog in Arkansas and Suncoast Designers on the gulf coast of Florida that specilize in defogging RV windows. After speaking with both vendors, we decided on Suncoast Designers, in part because they were not that far out of our way and because their price was a bit lower ($225 per windows vs. Dr. Fog’s $250 per window) and their pro-rated lifetime warranty on their work. So we had an appointment for the 14th of November, to have 5 or 6 windows “defogged”. We arrived on Sunday the 13th, found a place to park and hooked up to power and water as they offer 50 amp and water with an onsite dump station.

Ike parked in our site ready for Monday morning.
Ike parked in our site ready for Monday morning.

At sunrise on Monday, the Suncoast parking lot had about 11 coaches awaiting some sort of repair. Around 0700hrs a young man started visiting coaches in what appeared to be a random order and placing tape on windows to be removed. After watching for an hour or so, I asked the young man what exactly was the process and should we be doing something. He said he had a specific order that was given to him and I was on his list. Unsatisfied with that answer, I went into the office. There I met the lady with whom I’d made my appointment. I asked what was going on and she stated that they started on coaches with the least number of windows and worked those first, so they could quickly move those coaches out, and then they started the coaches with more windows. She also explained that there was a separate team of three workers who only performed the removal and reinstall of windows and a separate team that defogs the windows. She said it was a slow week and that we should be done by Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. I asked if they could do more of my windows, and she said yes, and we’d still be done by Friday morning at the latest. So we decided to do 10 windows, including the driver’s side dog-leg window. She also informed me I should read the current RV Guide Magazine…?? I found a copy in their waiting area, and inside I found a 10% off coupon! Very nice.

Later Monday two of the three outside technicians arrived and removed the 10 windows. They then placed cardboard covered with plastic over the openings and taped it in place.

Look Maw! - No Windows
Look Maw! – No Windows
Look Maw - No Windows Passenger side
Look Maw – No Windows Passenger side

Wednesday afternoon, they returned with all 10 windows. They installed them and created a mess on our newly waxed coach while attempting to water test the windows leaving hard water spots everywhere.  Again I returned to the office, expressed my displeasure with the water spots. They had one of the technicians stay at our coach and he diligently used my waterless wash solution to remove the spots. A couple of the windows did not latch correctly and were difficult to slide. They returned and adjusted the latches and said the stiffness would get better with use, and it has.

Upon our departure at 0800hrs on Friday we were very happy with our new fogless views! Suncoast did a good job, their communication with customers could be MUCH better and their procedure to water test reinstalls needs a bit refinement. However, we can recommend them as a solid source to rectify your fogged RV windows.

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