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Pelican Roost Famcamp ~ Naval Station Mayport, FL

We stayed at Pelican Roost for 19 Days in April 2018 – $20 @ night.

River inlet water front

Arrival – The signage to get to the park is non existent, so make sure you ask the gate guards at the main gate for directions. There are two different streets that lead to the park entrance and either can accommodate larger rigs. Just FYI, there are two RV Parks (Pelican Roost and Osprey Cove)  on the base so make sure they do not send you to the wrong park.

We really enjoyed staying at Pelican Roost.  It was a nicely maintained, quiet, peaceful park, except for the occasional helicopters and training gunfire off the boats protecting the waterways.  Don’t get me wrong, I love this stuff, so to me it was very fascinating. You can watch the big ships come and go, military and civilian. You can go fishing off the rocks lining the shore line and there is a beautiful beach area

Beach area at Pelican Roost

that is in walking distance from the campground. The park is right next to base baseball fields where you can watch a game or two. They have a nice recreation hall

Laundry (left) & the Rec Hall (red building) which is also the check-in building.

with quite a few tables that can be used to play games or relax at while eating ice cream. They have two televisions and a small kitchen that is available for our use. The base gymnasium is also close, as is the bowling alley. We didn’t go to either of these places but a neighbor said the gym was very nice. The bathrooms and showers are nice and well kept. They have a free-to-use laundry room

Laundry Building

in a separate building, with 5 washers and 8 dryers. The RV sites were large and all had a concrete slab with full hookups.  We did not have a front water view site, as those seem to book early and stay occupied. The front sites would be pretty cool to have, being able to watch all the activities as ships enter and leave the river portage and the Navy lagoon. We saw pelicans and dolphins and they ask if you should see a whale, to please report it. There also have tent camping sites, in a separate designated area.  I don’t think open campfires are allowed at least I didn’t see or smell any burning.

There are quite a few feral cats here.

F.C. & Stephanie

 I was told at one point as the sailors departed this duty station that they left their cats behind.  At some point they were gathered up, neutered or spayed and then released. BTW you can tell if they have been fixed because they the tip of one ear has been snipped off. I fell in love with one of them, my husband -Tim, named her “F.C” for Fat Cat. What I found is that she wanted to be loved, but she won’t let you pick her up or cuddle her, she would swat at you.  I was able to to get F.C. to trust me enough to brush her. Her fur was starting to get matted and I just didn’t want to leave her like that. She loved it.

Office Staff and Mail – They do not accept USPS mail delivery, only FedEx and UPS. The office staff was very friendly and helpful. We learned that if you want to improve your chances at reserving a space, you should call right at the 6 months out date, as that is what others do.  We didn’t do that but the staff was very helpful and asked us to book what we could and then to keep calling back to book the other days. Eventually we did get all the days we needed.

I would definitely stay here again.

Would you like to see more images of Pelican Roost? Visit our Google Photo Album.

Stephanie – 23 April 2018 @1500hrs

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